14. Nov. 2024
19:00 Uhr
- 20:40 Uhr

Healing Myself - Body-oriented Psychotherapy-Group (online, english, ongoingly, every 14-days, thursday 7pm)

Integral psychotherapy-group with a registered psychological psychotherapist with a more than 35-year therapeutical experience and over 12 different therapy education. (only possible in the combination with single- or couple-therapy with Dr. Ute Mahr)

This course offers a short and intensive learning opportunity to solve problems more easily and to cope better with life, as well as to living life with deeper happiness and less fear. I´ll be teaching you the best elements of all the therapy and coaching trainings I studied and optimizes over the last 35 years working with my clients.
We work online because it helps to transfer your lessons into daily life.

As a Psychological Psychotherapist, Senior Coach BDP and with the international accepted certificate EuroPsy many of my offers are subsidized by employers or health insurances. - If needed, I will send my qualification certificates to You.

Kosten: 100,- Euro brutto in der Zehnerkarte, 110,- Euro für den Einzelabend
90489 Nürnberg
Rahm 29
ONLINE, ongoingly: every 14-days 19.00 - 20.40

www.mahr-therapie.de, www.im-koerper.de, www.begabung-nuernberg.de
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